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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  January 28, 2016 9:30pm-10:00pm MST

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colodo top prosetor issues warning for broncos fans trying to score super bowl tickets. important information so you don't get scammed. on the road to the championship. >> >> colorado attorney general says scammers are out. and are looking for prey. ahead of the super bowl. the problem solvers are on the case. and join us now with the web site. that can help ticket hunters. >> . here's a look at the web site. it's national association of ticket brokers. and you want to ticket seller that's a member. here's why. >> . sadly these tickets don't come in candy factories. matter. special printed tickets for the super bowl.
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>> . so to make sure that you are dealing with a licensed broker. go to the web site. up top. click find a member. the list is in alphabetical order.
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>> . wear your orange and blue. >> . the new bills proposed include requiring state contractors to comply with equal pay laws. ban employers from asking about salary history. and allow all employees to speak
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>> . following his conviction of invasion of privacy. for sexual tkpwratty contamination. >> . we broke the story last year. 24 year-old robertson. coach and staff member. was convicted of trolling through female students cell phones. looking at inappropriate if i pictures or looking for inappropriate pictures or video. the police say in several cases robertson then targeted students with sexual harassment. he declined comment today. >> back in the u.s. after being on the lamb south of pwoerd. today couch arrived at a
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he was wanted for skipping out on his probation officer and going to mexico with his mom. the 16 tkwraoerld year-old gained nationwide notoriety. when he got probation for killing 4 people while driving drunk. >> the defense said he was too
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>> it's a real pleasure to be at the cape and participate in something. >> . 30 years after the remains tears. after pieces were recovered. generously we often see the space shuttle through this lens.
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a university of colorado graduate. but fast forward 30 years. at 6 astronauts are in space. aboard a space station. that can never be reproduced. the true legacy of the space shuttle. >> . fashion forward or just plain gross. >> you decide. jewelry made out of breast milk. this is no joke. stick around we'll tell you
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a new treatment ta uses high pressure water jets to carve out the progression >> . water jets.
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there has to be a way. carry the centimeter, divide by 3.14 something something something... [ beeping, whirring ] great caesar salad! and now the name your price tool shows people policy options to help fit their budget. is that a true story? yeah! people really do save an average of over $500 when they switch. i mean about you inventing it. i invented the story, and isn't that what really matters? so...
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creating wearable memories out of breast milk. while some of you maybe grossed out. we're told the woman has a lot
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>> . i have ones from when i started. that's started to turn brown. or yellow. so i really need to combat that somehow. i found the perfect to preserve the milk. it's no longer in lick liquid form. >> . customers send her a half ounce. ten weeks later they have a ring.
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>> . get to work. >> you're worried about broncos pictures coming in. i just load loaded it up with a
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3-9d and 39 and 41. humidity not a problem. statewide temperatures. everybody is in the teens and 20s in the mountains. although you can see gunnison. you only made it into the teens today. already two below 0. 20s 30s and hanging onto a milder 401. here in denver. west. increase in the clouds. up and down i 25 in the morning. we'll get snow showers rolling over the top of some of the higher paobgs. we'll have in and out sunshine. through the day. one wave of snow early. a second one comes in late in the day. that's the one that will get the heavy snow making under way. in the colorado high country. i think tomorrow morning on good day colorado. greg will be in. they're going to. >> >> temperatures will be in the 40s for highs tomorrow. another round of 40s and 50s in the northeast. with 60s to the south and east. so break it down this way. 38 still chilly. but the sun should offset that feel. breezy through the lunch hour.
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that's close to where we were. kids light jacket. carrying it home.
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root also root for the rainbow.
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>> . >> all right. let's start with the nuggets on the east coast. facing the wizards and denver getting it done. danilo gallinari. with the key fade away jumper. late to finish it off. 26. nuggets win. >> . quickly some rockies news. team making a phaouf phao euf today. trading out fielder dickerson to
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for reliever jake mcgee. >> . broncos and peyton manning. talking just once this week. lots of questions. thrown at him today. including the news the nfl will conduct a full investigation. >> i welcome it. and it's garbage from the first day it came out. and still garbage today. >>ment broncos got back to work practicing for the first time this week. and now the total focus turns to super bowl 50. the panthers. two significant injuries to focus on. denver's two safeties. stewart. dealing with a knee problem. and tj ward. who has an an ankle sprain. they didn't practice. they're hopeful they can play. >> watch in the zone. tomorrow night. at 9:30. defensive end jackson. our player guest.
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>> . total focus. you know the game is changing. not just about the pocket quarter back anymore. in fact in the last 4 super bowls including this one. the mobile dual threat quarter back has been involved. >> . now time for a rant. my opinion. and let's stay with the quarter back position. look.
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not longer the face of the nfl. this guy is. cam newten. wilson are starting to take over the game. we talked about this yesterday. cam has critics. >> i'm an african american quarter back. that may scare people because they haven't seen nothing that they can compare me to. >> . newten gets criticized for being cocky. flashy. and celebrates too long. the purest hate the dab. the super man pose. i say celebrate it. someone once told me it's inappropriate. chill out. it's about having fun. >> this was against my team. and i was loving it. this brings young people to the game. don't hate new. is it bad sportsmanship. i don't think so. if you don't like it. guess what your team can do.
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remember this a few years ago. von miller sacking cam. he did the super man on newtens turf. it was great. >> . let's embrace the new wave of quarter back. and not only that. maybe peyton manning can let the young gun know. that the sheriff's got this one. cam can get his ring another time. >> agree or disagree. i'm not saying cheer for him. but celebrate the new. >> . >> wait until you kids get older
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